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“We believe in the sacred partnership between the school and the home. Research show that children thrive when the most important adults in their lives – their parents, teachers, and other family members – work together to send a cohesive message, encourage and support them.” 

In an effort to keep the CEA learning community united, below are a series of resources we find meaningful and helpful:

Covid Resources

from Harvard Medical School:

Coronavirus outbreak and kids

from the CDC:

Maximizing Fit for Cloth and Medical Procedure Masks to Improve Performance

from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:

COVID-19 Outlook: Preparing for Spring


Educational News

8 September
5 Reasons Why Private Schools Are Better Than Public Schools

Private schools can be one of the best places for children to earn a quality education, and…

2 September
4 Qualities of Teachers at Top Performing Arts Schools

When you’re looking into performing arts schools for your young learner, it’s important to physically go to…

1 September
What Is a Performing Arts Preschool and How Can it Benefit Your Child?

When you think of preschool, you likely picture children involved in a few different things: circle time,…

11 August
Online Learning Tips to Help Your Child

Experiencing a pandemic has taught us a lot and helped people in many areas get creative in…

3 August
What Do Performing Arts Academies Offer Their Students?

Let’s delve into what performing arts academies offer their students and how your young learner can benefit.

2 August
Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Private Middle School

The middle school years are imperative for young learners. A middle schooler needs a learning experience that…

2 July
Reasons Why Performing Arts Is Vital to a Child’s Education

Let’s delve into the reasons why performing arts is so important to education and how performance arts…

8 June
Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Private School Education

While 2016 data released from the Condition of Education found that there were 441,000 private school teachers…

7 June
4 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in a Performing Arts School

One of the reasons private schools are better is because they offer multiple extra-curricular activities such as…

3 June
What Do the Best Private Elementary Schools Offer Their Students?

Looking for a private elementary school for your child can be quite the task. While only 25%…

4 May
6 Skills Kids Develop In a Performing Arts School

Kids are naturally curious. They want to observe, explore, and imitate to figure out how things operate….

30 April
4 Ways Your Child Will Benefit From Attending a Summer Camp

With summer around the corner, you most likely have started searching for the best summer camps in…

29 April
How a Private Middle School Prepares a Child For Success

While there are over 33,000 private schools in the United States educating approximately 5.4 million PK-12 students,…

31 March
4 Top Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in the Best Private Elementary School

The biggest dilemma among parents with small kids is whether or not to send their children to…

30 March
3 Qualities To Consider When Choosing a Private School for Your Child

A well-rounded education sets up your child for future success in our increasingly competitive global economy. For…

30 March
3 Benefits of a Blended Approach to Learning

Many elementary school classrooms are finding interesting ways to impart knowledge to their students. Teachers are enhancing…

3 March
Benefits of Remote Learning In a Private School Setting

Our current state of affairs may have disrupted life as we know it, but when it comes…

1 March
What to Know When Choosing a Day Care in 33184

Choosing a day care can be intimidating for parents. After all, this is usually the first time…

1 March
3 Benefits of Sending Your Child to Private Elementary School

While most children in the United States still attend public schools, there are 33,619 private schools in…

3 February
6 Ways Private Schooling Institutions Can Incorporate Blended Learning

We live in a society saturated with gadgets and constantly changing technology. Generation Z and post-millennials have…

2 February
Looking at Some of the Biggest Benefits of Private Schools

All three have their own advantages, but the benefits of private schools make them arguably the best…

2 February
4 Reasons Why Private Preschools Are on the Rise

If you find yourself searching for private preschools near me, you’re not alone because more American parents…

4 January
Advantages of Receiving a Private School Education

When making a decision about schooling for your child, you have many choices. Parents can select from…

31 December
3 Benefits of Private Elementary Schools

For many families, choosing to send their child to private school is growing in popularity, largely due…

31 December
3 Benefits of the Arts in Schools

American education has turned its focus towards STEM in recent years. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering,…

10 December
Education Advice for Parents of Elementary-Aged Children

When it comes to your children, you want to provide them the best education possible. Have you…

7 December
The ABCs of Private Schools in Kendall

As a parent, making sure that you find the best private school for your child can be…

3 December
How to Find the Right Private School to Help Your Children Through Their Education

When you’re thinking about starting your child at private school early, finding the right institution is key….

1 December
How Important Is Finding the Right School With Great Curriculum?

When you are looking for the right education options for your child, you want to make sure…

5 November
How a Private Preschool Can Bring Many Benefits to Your Child’s Education

When you are looking at the best private preschools in any given area, it can be easy…

30 October
Tips For Finding a Private School in Miami

As a parent, naturally you want the best for your child. And a good education is one…

15 October
What to Consider When Choosing Your Child’s Private School

When you are searching for the best private school for your child, it important to take many…

13 October
Why You Should Send Your Child to a Private Preschool

You may be wondering, why start private school early? Where do I find the top preschools in…

8 October
3 Tips for Finding the Best Online Preschool for Your Child

There are currently 33,619 private schools in the United States, serving 5.4 million PK-12 students. As remote…

16 September
Are You Thinking About Sending Your Child to Private School? Here are a Few Reasons To

If you just so happen to be anything like most parents, then you are probably wanting the…

11 September
The Commitment To Keep Kids Safe This Fall: Important Precautions And Safety Measures

If you’re on social media or, put another way, if you have a pulse, you may see…

8 September
COVID-19 And What’s In Store For This Coming School Year

What does the future of education look like? The truth is — right now and for the…

26 August
How Mastery Programs benefit Elementary School Education

Education is a powerful thing. How a school approaches a student’s learning stays with that child for…

17 August
Two Forms of Private Learning for Your Child

  You want your child to have the best education available to them, complete with a personal…

7 August
The Advantages to Remote Learning (When Done Right)

In a world where online learning is becoming more and more of a necessity, there are several…

3 August
Finding the Right Preschool for In-Person and Distance Learning

There are multiple factors to take into consideration when it comes to selecting a preschool for your…

3 August
Benefits of The Blended Approach to Schooling

With such uncertain times on the horizon, the educational system will need to be as adaptive and…

28 July
Help Your Child Pass The Private School Interview With These Tips

In the United States alone there are 33,619 private schools. These institutes serve 5.4 million students from…

28 July
3 Methods of Education in a Pandemic

Fall is right around the corner. Which means summer is over and school assignments are on their…

14 July
The Many Benefits Of A Summer Arts Camp

Every year, more than 14 million Americans of all ages attend summer camp — and with good…

7 July
Can Summer Camp Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential?

Did you know that a quarter of the nation’s schools are private schools? One of the many…

2 July
What to Look For In the Best Summer Camps in Miami This Year

Summer camp is ideal for helping children make friends and learn new skills while spending time outdoors….

28 June
Looking at Private Middle Schools This Summer? Keep These 3 Things in Mind

Education isn’t just important, it’s one of the most important parts of your child’s early life. Making…

22 June
Creative Ways Technology Can Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

This school year ended differently than years prior. Students grew accustomed to online classes and seeing their…

19 June
Why Should I Send My Child to a Private School?

When it comes time to choose a school for your child, there’s certainly no shortage of variables….

19 June
What Are Some of the Main Benefits That Private Schools Have When Compared to Public Schools

Most people are aware of the fact that the modern public school system has some glaring flaws….

15 June
Helping Your Kids Stay Focused During Lockdown

Continuing your child’s education during lockdown can feel like an impossible hurdle at times. But even the…

15 June
How Can Summer Camp Positively Impact Children?

Once school winds down for the summer, it’s easy to allow your children to run a bit…

9 June
Tips For Finding the Best Online Preschool in Miami

It doesn’t seem possible, but the time is here! Your child is ready to enroll in preschool….

1 June
Online Learning Tips For Parents

The COVID-19 virus has forced institutions across the nation to come up with creative solutions to ensure…

14 May
Early Childhood Education and Quarantine: What You Need To Know

These are unprecedented times in Miami, across the country, and all over the world. For the first…

4 May
Get Your Kids Back On Track: The Benefits of Temporary Remote Learning

Homeschooling is not for everyone. In fact, just about 3% of school-age children are homeschooled, according to…

24 April
Early Childhood Education and Quarantine: What You Need To Know

These are unprecedented times in Miami, across the country, and all over the world. For the first…

24 April
Get Your Kids Back On Track: The Benefits of Temporary Remote Learning

Homeschooling is not for everyone. In fact, just about 3% of school-age children are homeschooled, according to…

15 April
What Makes a Great Camp Experience?

With summer coming up, it’s time to start thinking about the benefits and advantages of sending your…

1 April

With summer fast-approaching, many working parents are left with questions about childcare. The good news is that…

12 March
4 Spring Tips To Help Your Child’s Education

Spring is finally here, and with that means warm weather, time to play with the kids outside,…

2 March
How School Builds Successful Young People

The top private schools in Miami, FL know what it takes to raise a successful child. Do…

7 February
The Importance Of An Education In The Arts

The arts are an important part of any education. From preschool all the way through college, a…

4 February
Life Lessons Learned In The Classroom

We all know that the right classroom can have truly transformative results for students of all kinds….

2 February
How Private Elementary Schools Set The Stage For Your Child’s Greater Learning

When American parents think of enrolling their child in private school education, many think of private high…

16 January
Extracurriculars Make The Big Difference

When you choose to send your child to a private elementary school, you know that you’re getting…

14 January
How Summer Camp Helps Children Overcome School Year Obstacles

Sometimes getting your child through the school year can seem like a daunting task. With all the…

28 December
What Age Should My Child Start Performing Arts?

If you’ve ever turned on the television or seen a movie, you know that there are some…

13 December
Why Should You Choose A Private Preschool For Your Kids?

To teach their children new social skills that will help them to adapt to the changing nature…

4 December
Reasons Why Private Schools are Better Than Public Schools

According to data from the Condition of Education 2016 report, 4.1 million students were enrolled in private…

18 November
4 Advantages Of Private Elementary Schools

Elementary school is said to be the most critical stage in a child’s education. Elementary school age…

4 November
The Top 5 Benefits of a Private Education for Your Child

When you’re considering your child’s education, there is an important choice you must make: private education or…

20 October
How Does Your Child Develop During Elementary School?

It’s no secret that young children grow up remarkably quickly. Kids seem to grow and learn new…

7 October
Why Choose Private School for Your Child’s Education

Great education starts at a young age. And often your search begins with looking for a good…

7 October
More Than Just Tests: 3 Activities That Make For Successful Students

It seems that as time goes on, the educational system places a greater and greater emphasis on…

28 September
4 Tips To Pick Out The Right Private Elementary School

Choosing a private school to send your child to can be a challenge. With 33,619 private schools…

10 September
What To Do When You Want To Change Schools For Your Child

As a parent, you want to find the best education for your child, and one of the…

6 September
6 Reasons to Send Your Child to the Best Private Schools in Miami

Early education is a critical part of a child’s educational journey. Students build a learning foundation during…

30 August
3 Benefits of a Private Preschool Education

Private schools make up 25% of America’s schools and they currently register 10% of Pre-Kindergarten (PK)-12 students….

22 August
Why is Now The Time To Find A Private Preschool Near You?

Parents, without a doubt, want the best education possible for their children. That’s why so many parents…

12 August
Do Coed Classes Help Or Hurt Students?

Most public schools in today’s world are coeducational, but that doesn’t mean all schools follow this model….

7 August
Education And The Arts: How Art In Preschool Stimulates Academic Learning

s a parent invested in your child’s education, you probably see the advantages of private schools over…

28 July
Five Long Term Benefits of Private Elementary Schools

Your child’s education is always worth your time and investment. One way you can help guarantee your…

23 July
How Top Elementary Schools in Miami Set The Stage For Your Child’s Greater Learning

When American parents think of enrolling their child in private school education, many think of private high…

18 July
5 Ways to Prevent School Break Learning Loss

Whether your child is spending three months running through summer sprinklers or one week warming up from…

16 July
The Top Extracurriculars For Your Elementary Student

Picking the right activities to sign your child up for can be difficult, especially during elementary school….

4 July
Important Parts Of Education That Aren’t In The Curriculum

Education that goes in inside the classroom is clearly incredibly important to your child’s overall health and…

26 June
How Can Parents Support Their Child’s Education?

While most of a child’s education happens at school, it doesn’t end there. When children come home,…

20 June
Beyond the Classroom: What The Stage Can Teach Young Students

Raising well-rounded, ethical and engaged children requires more than learning from a textbook. Though listening to lectures…

12 June
Does Private School Education Better Prepare You For College?

The decision to send your child to public or private school can be a complicated one; what…

8 June
How Private Education Can Help Early Cognitive Development

Your child’s early education, without a doubt, is one of the most critical times in cognitive development…

15 May
How to Encourage Your Child to Enjoy Learning

Education is extremely important for the youth of this nation and the world. While most parents and…

4 May
Why Are Performing Arts So Important For Your Child?

Everyone knows that a high-quality elementary education is essential to childhood development. Learning the basics and the…

30 April
Elementary School Kids As Foreign Language Learners

In language acquisition studies, there is this fascinating concept called a “critical period”, a period of time…

22 April
How To Choose the Best Extracurricular Activities

When you choose to send your child to a private elementary school, you know that you’re getting…

20 April
Keeping Your Child’s Future Bright: The Growing Appeal Of The Individualized Private School Model

Any good parent wants to set up their child for future success. With the job market always…

14 April
3 Unparalleled Benefits to Sending Your Child to an Art Summer Camp

Education is extremely important for the youth of this nation and the world. While most parents and…

13 April
Why Middle Schoolers Should Practice Theater

Ever wonder why many private school curriculums and private school extracurricular activities include an emphasis on performing…

28 March
3 Reasons Private School Could Benefit Your Child with Special Needs

Having a child with special needs may be a challenge. However, it may be even more challenging…


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