Why Do the Best Private Preschools Encourage Learning Through Play?

When parents choose between private and public institutions, size often plays a part in their decision. In fact, according to the Council for American Private Education, private schools tend to be smaller, with 87% of them having fewer than 300 students. That assures more individual attention between teachers and students. But there’s another thing that the best private preschools in Miami encourage: learning through play. Here are a few reasons why!

They Learn a Variety of Skills

A young child in pre-k needs to be active and learn through play. They can’t sit still for very long. Plus, they can learn a lot just by playing with other kids in their class, like communication and cooperation. Even playing with blocks can teach them spatial reasoning and counting, even if they don’t know they are learning it at the time. The best private preschools in Miami encourage such active play!

They Gain More Control Over Their Bodies

This means that children play both physically and emotionally. Little ones learn how to run and climb while also grasping the concept of self-discipline, like knowing when it’s their turn. That can give them an early lesson on how to conduct themselves while they are playing with their peers.

They Enjoy Structured Play

When people watch preschoolers play, it might seem like there’s no structure behind the play. On the contrary, there’s a plan behind each activity, and the children learn at their own pace while still having fun. This is a time for kids to enjoy themselves while being educated. This can create a spark of learning as they get older!

They Experience Conflict

Oftentimes, children can have a difficult time sharing or taking turns with their peers. Through structured playtime, little ones have the opportunity to experience conflict and handle their emotions accordingly. With adult supervision and involvement when necessary, kids learn how conflict works as well as how to properly share.

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