4 reasons why private schools are better

reasons why private schools are better

Private schools are often known as being better than public schools. Principals boast of higher test scores, and parents sign up early to ensure kids have a spot on next year’s roster. Some schools have waiting lists extending a few years as eager parents compete for the limited spots available. Private schools make up about 25% of all schools nationwide, according to the Council for American Private Education (CAPE). Additionally, approximately 10% of all children in school are enrolled in private schools. It turns out that there are quite a few reasons why private schools are better, so let’s review them.

1. Smaller Class Sizes

Public schools are required to enroll every student that lives in the school district. While it’s great that all children are receiving an education, this can result in some classes being significantly larger. This limits the amount of individual attention that students receive. In private schools, class sizes are smaller, allowing for more individualized attention and increasing student engagement.

2. Higher Education Standard

Most private schools hold themselves to a higher education standard. This involves a more comprehensive list of graduation requirements and students completing more coursework from early on. The result is that students who graduate from private schools often have an academic advantage that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

3. More Diverse Curriculum

Younger children in schools often cover education necessities like gym, music, English, reading, and math. Often, private schools take that a step further. Foreign language and keyboarding classes are often encouraged in students at an earlier age. Private schools work closely with children and parents to ensure children receive the best education possible.

4. Private Schools Work Closely With Parents

Because class sizes are smaller, teachers genuinely get to know children and their families on a deeper level. This leads to fostering a relationship with children to help them reach their fullest potential. It also serves as a resource for parents. Parents can feel comfortable reaching out to the school if there is a problem at home or if they’re concerned about their child’s education.

Private schools can customize their curriculum to include a more diverse set of courses for children. Smaller class sizes result in students getting more attention from teachers, including more one-on-one help when needed. The benefits of private schools benefit both children and their families. For more information on reasons why private schools are better, contact us today!