The Benefits of Art Summer Camp

Art summer camp offers unique and exciting opportunities for kids. Visiting a campus where young artists can learn and explore the arts, interact with fellow students, and create their art is great to spend part of your summer vacation. The goal is for kids to experience rich cultural offerings. According to a 2005 visual arts report by Rand Corporation,…

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Why Choose a Performing Arts School?

performing arts school

A performing arts school offers programs that equip students to succeed academically and professionally in the performing arts sector. Performing arts training can help with college acceptance at a higher rate and land more prestigious internships and jobs. High schools now offering music, art, dance, and theater make up 82% of schools nationwide. Here are numerous reasons to allow…

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3 Advantages of Private School From a Teacher’s Point of View

advantages of private school

The majority of parents know the benefits of private schools. But are the benefits only limited to parents and students? What about the teachers who work at private schools? Do they enjoy the advantages of private school as well? Here are some advantages of private school from a teacher’s point of view that parents should know. Smaller Classes The…

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5 Advantages of Private Schools That Are Co-Educational

advantages of private schools

As a parent, you want the best education for your children. You want them to be in an environment where they can learn and grow without restrictions. And you want them to be able to get the most out of their education. And what better way to achieve this than to enroll them in a private, co-educational school? Here…

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3 Tips for Getting to Know Your Child’s Teachers at Their Private Middle School

private middle school

Is your child in private middle school? It’s crucial to get to know your child’s teacher. Establishing a good relationship with your child’s teacher will benefit you and your child a lot. Here are some tips for getting to know your child’s teachers at their private middle school. 1. Email Communication Nowadays, online communication is one of the most…

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Why Are Performing Arts Academies Growing in Popularity?

performing arts academies

Research shows that private schools enroll 10% of all PK-12 students and account for 25% of all schools in the United States. Performing arts academies have been growing in popularity over the last few years, as people are discovering just how beneficial the experience can be. Performing arts academies are an exciting way to give your child or yourself…

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6 Ways Parents Can Prep Their Children for Kindergarten

private education

It’s never too early to start preparing your child for kindergarten. According to statistics, more private school pupils were registered in kindergarten in 2011-12 than any other grade level. Here are six ways a parent can help their child get ready for kindergarten with private education. 1. Enroll Your Child in a Private Preschool One of the best ways…

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How Can a Private School Education Impact Your Child Positively?

private school education

Many parents choose to send their children to private school. For some parents, that is the only option. They believe there is a tremendous amount of value in a private school education because of the positive impact it makes on children’s lives. Consider some of these positive benefits when deciding on your child’s education. Number of Students There are…

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Reasons Your Child Should Start at a Private School

why start private school early

School obviously has a major impact on children. It sets them off on the right educational path, ensuring that they’re properly prepared for the world or for that matter pursuing further education. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s not enough for children to be enrolled in school from an early age. They need to be enrolled…

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