The Impact of Music Education on Academic Performance in Private Schools

performing arts schools for children

The ability to read and play music is a fun and creative skill that might turn into a lucrative career for some children. Whether your child is a budding Mozart or just someone who enjoys banging on drums, tapping piano keys, or playing other musical instruments, learning and participating in musical productions provides students with significant academic benefits. Here…

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How Private School Summer Camps Boost Learning

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You want your kids to continue learning and having fun even when school is out. Summer camps at private academic programs can provide enriching experiences that boost your children’s knowledge, skills, and personal growth. Let’s explore some of the key benefits of private school summer camps in Miami and beyond. Promotes Academic Skills Unlike regular day camps, summer programs…

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Navigating Parent Involvement in Private School Communities

If you’ve chosen a private school education for your child, there are many exciting opportunities to become involved as a parent. Here’s how to successfully navigate community participation in your child’s private institution. Stay Informed of Expectations A private school education typically relies on robust parent participation to help run enrichment programs, extracurriculars, fundraising events, and more. Before applying,…

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What can preschoolers learn through outdoor play with their peers?

Private institutions remain well-known for their outstanding academics and high success rates. However, a well-rounded education starting as early as pre-k should include activities outside of the classroom. Here is what children in local private preschools can learn through outdoor play with their peers! Character Development Pre-k programs understand the importance of focusing on character development. They know that…

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3 Reasons Why Parents Love Performing Arts Schools for Their Kids

As a parent, you want to nurture your child’s passions and help them thrive. If your child loves singing, dancing, acting, or playing music, a performing arts school could be the perfect fit. Keep reading to learn more about why so many parents enroll their budding performers in performing arts schools for kids. 1. Develop Skills in a Supportive Community Performing arts…

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How Do Private School Educators Prepare Students for Future Success?

If you’re considering private schools near me in Miami, FL for your child’s education, you probably want to know how educators prepare pupils for success in life after graduation. Typically, 60% to 80% of teachers at academies have an advanced degree, according to ThoughtCo, meaning they have the proper education to ensure your child is set up for success….

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How Local Private Schooling Promotes Community Building

If you’re considering a private institution for your child, you’re probably wondering how it will impact their personal development as well as how it’ll tie into your family and community. Local private schooling fosters tight-knit, engaged communities that benefit students, parents, and neighborhoods alike. Keep reading to learn more! Small Classes Build Connections With smaller student bodies, private academies…

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Why Do the Best Private Preschools Encourage Learning Through Play?

When parents choose between private and public institutions, size often plays a part in their decision. In fact, according to the Council for American Private Education, private schools tend to be smaller, with 87% of them having fewer than 300 students. That assures more individual attention between teachers and students. But there’s another thing that the best private preschools…

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How can small class sizes improve your child’s education?

On the fence about the benefits of private schooling? We understand that, but private schools simply produce better results. Private institutions focus on having smaller class sizes, giving students a better chance of success. The following three advantages of private schools help illustrate this point clearly. Provide Individualized Attention According to NCES data, public schools average about 526 students,…

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