How a Performing Arts Private School Can Help Your Child Follow Their Dreams

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Children with exceptional talents or passionate interests, need special attention and training to help them reach their full potential. Performing arts middle schools and private schools can be instrumental in helping your child follow their dreams. Let’s look at a few reasons why you’d want to enroll your child. Private School Advantage According to NCES data, 88% of private…

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Get To Know the Wonderful Benefits of a Private Education

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Are you interested in enrolling your child in a private school? This kind of academic program comes with many benefits that students carry well into their adulthood. Keep reading for more insight on the exceptional benefits of attending a private institution. High-Quality Facilities Your child can benefit from the high-quality facilities of this kind of academic institution. A private…

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The Correlation Between Private Schooling and Becoming a College Graduate

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As parents, we want to ensure our children receive the best education possible for future success. Making educational decisions for our kids is sometimes tough and parents want to know which type of options are best. Private school counselors report to the Council for American Private Education that nearly all of their students enrolled in four-year colleges after graduating…

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The Impact a Good Teacher Can Make on Your Child’s Life

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Ask adults about the most impactful teachers from their childhood, and most will name one who changed their trajectory. Excellent teachers at any grade level can profoundly shape children’s perspectives, abilities, and even futures. As such, if you’re looking to enroll your child in a private preschool, you want to ensure that the school employs great teachers who can…

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Beyond the Stage: How Performing Arts Improves Your Child’s Academics

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Performing arts schools for children offer benefits far beyond the stage. Acting, dance, theater, and music provide a valuable creative outlet with numerous educational perks. According to a recent study by, students who study art are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and three times more likely to be awarded for school attendance. Here…

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Understanding the Academic Success of Private School Students

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Different learning environments produce different results. This is a commonly understood fact for most educators. Students who had attended private school in 8th grade were twice as likely as those who had attended public school to have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher by their mid-twenties. The numbers compared at the rate of 52% vs 26%. Let’s take a…

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Famous Artists Who Started Their Journey in a Private School for the Arts

Private schools set high standards for students while giving them the necessary tools to succeed. The aforementioned institutions ensure that their students receive well-rounded lessons, including ones that focus on the arts. According to, The No Child Left Behind Act designates the arts as a core academic subject, and private schools prioritize their instruction. Numerous famous artists have…

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How Private Schools’ Focus on Extracurriculars Benefits Your Children

Sending your child to a local private school can be beneficial in so many ways. According to the Council for American Private Education, about 87% of academies educate fewer than 300 students. Because of that, they can receive more personalized instruction from their teachers. Furthermore, privately-run institutions cater to students by placing more emphasis on extracurricular activities. Keep reading…

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The Importance of Preschool in Your Child’s Life

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You want your child to have all the advantages possible, especially when it comes to their education. Enrolling them in the top local preschools is one way to give them a definite head start on their learning journey. Private preschools are a great option to ensure they’re ready for more formal learning. Let’s look at the importance of any…

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The Role of Performing Arts in Private School Education

Private schools are well-known for providing an education far beyond traditional academics. They help kids become well-rounded by offering performance arts opportunities, such as enrolling in a musical theater class! Here are a few ways that performing arts play a crucial role in the development of students. Valuable Skills Upon graduation, children who pursue a career in the arts…

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