6 Sports Offered by Top Private Schools

Are you trying to get your children to try private middle schools, but they don’t want to miss out on sports? That’s understandable from their perspective. But did you know that the 33,619 private schools in America serving 5.4 million students have sports programs? Here are some engaging sports available at the best private institutions in America.

1. Basketball

Basketball remains one of the most popular sports in the world because it’s inexpensive and highly competitive. Do private middle schools compete in basketball tournaments? Absolutely! Many compete directly against public facilities, meaning your kids can compete against their peers.

2. Football

Private academies often provide young football players with hands-on training to improve their abilities. This sport is an excellent way for children to learn teamwork, athletic strategy, and a range of other helpful skills. Our athletics program specifically offers flag football to ensure the safety of each student.

3. Soccer

Soccer is one of the most popular sports on the globe. Quick decision-making skills are a key learning development that kids benefit from by playing this team sport. Much like football, it’s a highly cooperative sport that encourages teammates to work together to achieve a goal.

4. T-Ball

T-ball is one of the first sports that parents can enjoy watching their sons and daughters play! The guided nature of this athletic activity introduces kids to baseball and softball. T-ball is typically played by children ages four to seven years old and offers an opportunity to learn a variety of skills.

5. Track and Field

Track and field offers a wide range of activities to participate in. Parents can expect their kids to improve their stamina, endurance, and goal-setting skills. Running, jumping, and throwing are the main aspects of track and field activities.

6. Volleyball

Another athletic activity that encourages teamwork, volleyball also teaches students to improve their hand-eye coordination abilities and leadership skills. Communication is crucial to winning games and pulling off successful plays on the volleyball court.

These many enjoyable sports make private middle schools a great place for your child to learn! Do you have any other questions about these activities? Please contact us today to learn more! Our team will help you and your child find great activities that keep them excited about competing.