Comparing the Class Sizes of Public Schools and Private Schools

benefits of private schools

There are many benefits of private schools that make private schools successful. One of the benefits of private schools is the small class size. According to NCES data, about 166 students comprise a private school population, while about 526 students comprise a public school population. Why are small class sizes beneficial? Here is what you need to know.

Individualized Attention

Small class sizes, as you find in private schools, are key to ensuring that every learner gets the attention they deserve. In a public school setting, you can have up to 30 students in a classroom with a single teacher.

It can be a challenge for every student to get the attention they deserve when competing with 29 other students. In a private school, the class sizes can be as small as 15 children. Less competition for attention makes it easier for each student to get individualized attention. It can also be intimidating for a child to speak out in front of large groups of students. Smaller class sizes, as you find in private education, are far less intimidating and result in more participation by every student.

Classroom Management

Public school teachers must focus a lot of energy on classroom management and dealing with behaviors. The focus can often be taken from education and applied to managing an overly large group of children. The teacher can remain focused on education in a small private school classroom. Fewer children in a classroom can mean fewer distractions, ensuring everyone is on task. Teachers are less stressed in smaller classrooms and can give their all to teaching.

Teachers Have More Flexibility

In smaller classrooms, teachers can become more creative. In small class sizes, it is easier to use different approaches to teaching. In a large classroom, using different approaches is difficult because you have to “teach to the bell curve.” That means the teacher in a larger classroom is locked into a specific teaching style geared toward the average learner.

Another one of the benefits of private schools is classroom material management. Material costs for large classrooms can be astronomical due to the sheer amount needing to be purchased. More advanced materials can be used in smaller class sizes since the quantity is reduced.

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