Why Find the Best Theater Classes for Kids Near Me?

Many parents understand the value of the arts in education. Their belief that participating in the arts is so strong that many parents search for theater classes for kids near me to find an immersive educational experience for their children. Even the government agrees that every child can benefit from a program in the arts. In fact, the No Child Left Behind Act mandates core academic requirements for art, music, foreign languages, and more. Parents can choose a school focusing on academic excellence and the arts. Here’s why they should.

Academics and Arts Go Hand In Hand

Studies have shown that children involved in the arts do better academically. The arts can stimulate creativity, improving problem-solving skills in academic subjects like math. The arts can improve communication skills, which can help children speak up and participate in classroom education. Studying in the arts can teach discipline, which can help children focus better on academics.

The arts and academics are not separate entities; they complement each other. According to the Americans for the Arts, learning in music and theater correlates with higher math and English scores on standardized tests.

The Arts Are a Positive Outlet

Schools that focus on the arts and academics provide students with a positive outlet. Having positive outlets helps to develop a strong mind, spirit, and body connection for students. As they achieve growth in the arts, they achieve growth in academia. Students can better deal with emotions when involved in an immersive academic/art education. In fact, a recent study by the Brookings Institute found that children at 42 middle and elementary schools involved in classes for the arts were remarkably thriving emotionally compared to their counterparts that did not have access to education in the arts.

It’s a Winning Academic Path

Arts and education are a winning path to success. Finding theater classes for kids near me that combines academics with a focus on the arts, including theater, is fantastic. You don’t have to choose between one or the other; your child can attend a school that offers academic excellence and the arts.

Find theater classes for kids near me that make education exactly what it should be: an experience that fosters a child’s interests. Learn more today by contacting Conchita Espinosa Academy!