What Teachers At a Top Elementary School Wish You Knew

Top elementary school teachers are some of the best in the nation, and between 60 and 80% in private schools have some type of advanced degree. However, there are some things that they wish parents knew so that they can do their jobs even more effectively.

1. Teaching Doesn’t End in The Classroom

Every teacher in a top elementary school knows the importance of continued learning, even once the school day ends. However, many parents think that homework is all kids need to do and then the learning is done for the day. Instead, many teachers wish parents would encourage more reading once the school day is over. Reading is a skill that will benefit children across all subjects, and building confidence in this area can help boost their learning abilities even further.

That said, there is only so much reading time that can be provided during the school day. This means that parents should encourage daily reading times at home to ensure that their child’s reading skills continue to strengthen and develop.

2. Teaching Is a Team Sport

Teachers shouldn’t be solely responsible for teaching children important lessons, and it’s important to remember that you and your child’s teacher are on the same team. Things like helping your child understand their homework and being proactive about their education are important steps that can help teachers do their jobs more effectively. While a top elementary school can help set children up for success, it’s up to parents to ensure that children are able to follow through once they leave the classroom.

3. Check In With Your Kids Reguarly

Mental health is important no matter what age your child is, and sometimes even elementary school can be stressful. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that one in five children and adolescents experience mental health problems during their school years. This can stem from things such as stress, anxiety, depression, and bullying.

Although teachers do their best to identify problems, sometimes they aren’t very visible. Because of this, it’s important for parents to regularly check in with their children and ask them how they are doing, if they need any help, and if there are any concerns that they have. Doing this can help keep children in a healthy mental state so they can continue learning to the best of their abilities.

A top elementary school will be staffed with some of the best teachers possible. However, teachers can only do so much on their own. As parents, it’s important to keep these three things in mind so that you can work with your child’s teacher and ensure they get the most out of their education.