What can preschoolers learn through outdoor play with their peers?

Private institutions remain well-known for their outstanding academics and high success rates. However, a well-rounded education starting as early as pre-k should include activities outside of the classroom. Here is what children in local private preschools can learn through outdoor play with their peers!

Character Development

Pre-k programs understand the importance of focusing on character development. They know that playing outside can help children learn to persevere when they’re struggling. For example, if a child is struggling to kick a ball, they will get practice alongside their instructors and peers. If a little one is trying to build a house with blocks, they can learn to ask for help.

Teamwork and Sharing

Children need to learn to collaborate with others as they grow up. Local private preschools focus on this in the classroom. However, it’s also important to learn to work as a team outside the classroom. Playing outside helps children learn to work together to achieve a common goal. For instance, pre-k students may be split into groups to play tag, learn how to share chalk when drawing, and even cheer each other on when going through an obstacle course. According to CAPE, 87% of private schools have fewer than 300 students, so learning teamwork and sharing is important when your child is with such a small peer group.

Healthy Habits

While physical fitness is not the focus of outdoor play for preschoolers, children are active when they play outside with their peers. They run, jump, walk, and laugh as they’re involved in various outdoor activities with their classmates. Playing outside and staying off screens during free time is a great way to demonstrate a fun yet active lifestyle from an early age.

Creative Expression

When pre-k students are given space outside to play with each other, their creativity can soar. Children can come up with imaginary scenarios, like playing restaurant, pretending they’re camping, or even playing superheroes! With appropriate outdoor toys, little ones can build towers or castles. With child-friendly art supplies, preschoolers can safely paint or color at a picnic table. Outdoor free time is invaluable for children to express themselves!

At Conchita Espinosa Academy, we understand the importance of free play for pre-k students. Our teachers carve out time each day for their preschoolers to safely explore the outdoors while playing with their peers! Get in touch today to learn more about what our private institution can offer your family.