Prepare Your Student for College With the Best Private Schooling

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, students who started attending private schools in the 9th grade were more likely to get a Bachelor’s degree or higher by the time they turn 25. This statistic is reflected in the percentage of 52% of private school students versus 26% of public school students who reach achieve this milestone. Therefore, finding the best private schooling for your children can make a huge difference in their futures and their college careers. Let’s review a few reasons why this is so.

A Disciplined Curriculum

Private school students are exposed to tougher classes than their public-school peers. It could also be deemed as more demanding, but that can only help them later in life when they’re facing tough deadlines in college or even at work.

Studies show that public-school students tend to have a harder time adapting to college curriculums during their first year, whereas private school graduates often have an easier time making the adjustment and can excel in their classes without changing their habits significantly. Therefore, they are more likely to succeed and graduate, perhaps even going further than a Bachelor’s degree.

A Custom Education

Public school teachers are often underpaid and overworked with 30 or more kids in each class, which means that it’s difficult to keep up or assist every single one of their students. Some kids are even overlooked by others who call attention to themselves or are not afraid to speak up. But each child deserves a chance to be heard and get answers to their questions.

Meanwhile, teachers offering the best private schooling experience are known for smaller classes where they have time to connect with each of their students, offering opportunities for all of them. Personalized attention can change everything for a child, and it can help them succeed in school and in the future.

More Private School Students Go to Universities

As mentioned earlier, private school students are more likely to attend and get accepted into colleges. It’s not just because they are better prepared for the different work environments but it’s also because they have been encouraged by both teachers and the entire institution to reach this milestone. This is further demonstrated by the fact that around 95% of private school students seek higher education, while public school kids account for 49% of children who attend college.

Now that you know why choosing the best private schooling is the better option to prepare your children for college, you can decide where you want to send them. One of the best institutions out there is the Conchita Espinosa Academy. Give us a call and learn more about enrolling your child today!