What Can a Private Education Teach Your Child About Art?

Art is one of the great pleasures in life, and art camp can help curate your child’s love of art! According to a Rand Corporate report, art is more than an intrinsic pleasure that adds sweetness to life. In fact, art can help connect people and open their eyes to a new way of seeing the world. It can lay the foundation for community and social bonding. A private school summer art camp can help your child find their community and more, so let’s review the benefits below.


Art is all around us yet often goes unnoticed. An immersive art experience for your child at a private school can help them see the beauty around them. How you see the world affects how you move through the world. Learning to appreciate art for its beauty and applying that to your perception of the world can be a game changer for a child. It can help them to find the silver lining in all they do.


Art is not just about individual growth — it’s also about community growth! Time spent at an art camp with other children with the same interests can forge lifelong friendships and help your child find their community. Through art, children can also make connections. A camp focused on the arts puts children in the unique position of meeting other children with similar passions.

Educational Benefits

Art is fun, adds beauty to life, and improves cognitive function. Studies even indicate that children involved in the arts do better in school. There are areas of the brain that are activated by art that can help children to develop analytical thinking skills. It can also help with memory, attention, and other cognitive functions.

Art is a gateway to improving overall academic success. Art leads to cultural discussion, provides historical information, develops valued soft skills, and provides a place for people to gather and engage.

Your student can benefit from art education at a private school in many ways. Art is a gateway to social development, academic development, and a great attitude. Learn more about how art camps and education can benefit your child by contacting Conchita Espinosa Academy today!