Shake the Ground Dance Competition

The weekend of March 23rd-25th, our Junior and Senior Dance Mastery and Conservatory dance students participated in the Shake the Ground Dance Competition, and the results were fantastic!

Shake the Ground Elite (STG Elite) 
Shake the Ground Platinum (STG Platinum) 
High Gold (HG) 
Gold (G)


Andrea Alvarado-Toyos – STG Platinum (contemporary) HG (ballet)
Maria Espin -STG Platinum (contemporary) HG (ballet)
Emma Bosch – STG Platinum (contemporary) HG (ballet)
Penelope Perez – STG Platinum(contemporary) HG (ballet)
Leonor Rodriguez -STG Platinum
Mia Marin -STG Platinum
Lia Minaya – STG Platinum
Evangelina Castellon – HG (contemporary & ballet)
Kaylee Duran – HG (contemporary & ballet) 
Emma Joudeh – HG
Isabella Goble – HG
Alexa Estraviz – HG
Camille Valls – HG 

Aspire Award – Andrea Alvarado-Toyos
Best Costume – Evangelina Castellon


“Aurora Borealis” – STG Platinum, 10th Place Overall in category
“Strength in Grace” – STG Platinum
“Jai Ho” – HG
“The Story Ahead” – HG
“Footloose” – HG

Standout piece of all competition – “Aurora Borealis”
Aspire Award – “Strength in Grace”


Emma Casado – STG Platinum
Karina Canto – HG


‘Food Glorious Food” – HG – 1st Place Overall
“Rag and Bones” – HG
“The Great Waltz” G

Congratulations to all of our dancers, from Junior Mastery through High School, and to their amazing teachers, Ms. Danella Bedford and Dr. Kenia Garcia Cabrera. Your dedication to your dancers, and your attention to their technique and artistry come forth in every piece. You are Conchita’s legacy!