6th Grade Science Fair

Congratulations to our Sixth Grade Science Fair Winners!

1st Place – Sophie De La Blanca
What are the cleanest instruments in CEC: piano, clarinet, woodwinds, strings or percussion?

2nd Place – Daniel Gonzalez Tabora
What variables can make a car move faster?

3rd Place – Lorena Tabora
Does caffeine affect plant growth?

Honorable Mentions:
Alejandro Arocha
Sophie Balmaseda
Nicolas Barredo
Violet Duenes
Miranda Escandell
Daniella Mederos
Lea Bella Mosquera
Camila Norat
Tiffany Rial
Olivia Tro

Congratulations to all! We would also like to give a special thank you to our panel of judges:

Paola Magliano, CEA teacher and mother of Miles(6th) and Bella (K3)
Mr. Joshua Mosca, CEA 7th and 8th grade Science teacher
Christina Rajo, Alumna and CEA Tech Coordinator
Dr. Adrianna Aragon, Alumna and mother of Liam (K3)
Rob Castillo, father of RJ (5th) and Jordan (3rd)
David De Oliveira, father of Sebastian (5th) and Emma (K3)
Eric Reus, 8th grader and former winner
Miah Bonachea, 8th grader and former winner