Conchita Cinema Film Festival

Wednesday, May 17th at 6:30 p.m.

Conchita Cinema mastery students have spent the year learning about film-making and writing, directing, filming, and acting in a number of original short films, conceptualized and created entirely by them.

Congratulations to the Conchita Cinema Mastery students who presented their first annual Conchita Film Festival last night!

The students involved did an absolutely amazing job in planning, storyboarding, scripting, directing, filming, casting, and editing their original short films. We debuted 25 original short films, created by the Cinema mastery students from start to finish under the leadership and guidance of Ms. Zapata and Mr. Mosca. In addition to creating their films, students collaborated with multiple other masteries, including recruiting actors across departments, collaborating with the visual arts department on the movie posters, and collaborating with the music department to compose, arrange, and provide live music performances for their silent films. Beyond the depth of the lessons learned in Cinema, students also learned about time management, communication skills, collaboration, patience, and attention to detail, among many other areas. We are incredibly proud of their work, their professionalism, the courage to share their imagination and inner selves with the audience, and the creativity and passion that came out in their films!

Ms. Zapata and Mr. Mosca, your passion, knowledge, and example come to life through your students. They are blessed to have such amazing examples of leadership and artistry. Thank you to Ms. Yirka Ledon, Music Department Head, and the music faculty involved, Ibette Acosta, Javier Concepcion, Ileana Cortizo, Mirtha de la Torre, Conrado Garcia, Yoanna Hernandez, Norman Milanes, Tania Nunez, Wendy Ocando, and Iliana Raymat for their openness, support, endless creativity, and enthusiasm in the making of the silent films, and our student musicians for their great performances!