Sports Banquet

Congratulations to the many athletes who were celebrated at last night’s Sports Banquet!

This year was an exemplary year for the CEA athletic program, complete with multiple victories across various sports teams.

Special awards included:

Fall Volleyball MVP: Emily Echevarria

Fall Volleyball MIP: Nicole Manrique

JV Soccer MVP: Christopher Cuesta

JV Soccer Coaches Award: Lorenzo Montoya

Varsity Soccer Most Improved: Jason Jova

Varsity Soccer MVP: Andres Grande

XC MVP: Jason Jova & Lainey Fernandez

XC Coaches Award: Santiago Atienza

XC Most Improved: Madeleine Rodriguez

Girls Varsity Basketball MVP: Emily Echevarria & Kassandra Hidalgo

Boys Varsity Basketball MVP: David Echarri

Boys Varsity Basketball Most Improved Player: Zachary Mielgo

JV Basketball MVP: Jayden Hidalgo

JV Basketball Most Improved Player: Nickolas Canela

Varsity Flag football O MVP: Jason Jova

Varsity Flag football D MVP: David Echarri

JV Flag football O MVP: Cristian Guede

JV Flag football D MVP: Jayden Hidalgo

Girls Spring Volleyball MVP: Karla Perez

Girls Spring Volleyball MIP: Isabella Rodriguez

Cougar of the Year: Emily Echevarria

We are very proud of all of our athletes! Thank you to our amazing coaches: Carlos Salvat, Athletic Director, Jonathan Ordinola, Daniel Prol, and Veronica Castillo – thank you for your dedication, your leadership, your patience, your endless enthusiasm, and for developing excellent athletes who are also excellent human beings. You are Conchita’s legacy!