ISSF Star Students

Each year the Independent Schools of South Florida (ISSF) allows each school to designate up to three students as STARS. These students are those who have shown outstanding ability and achievement in academics, sports, community service, the arts, and/or effort. This year’s STAR students are: 

Sabrina Martinez was selected for being an outstanding example of a well-rounded Conchita student. Throughout her years at CEA, Sabrina has demonstrated excellence in academics, commitment, passion, and excellence in athletics, and dedication and commitment to the arts. Beyond her outstanding performance and dedication to these three areas, Sabrina is a consistent example of humility, positivity, and kindness.

Felipe Diez was selected for being an outstanding example of passion, dedication, and talent in music. Felipe lives and breathes his music. He has proven to be an example of loyalty, responsibility, and reliability. Felipe is proud of his school and is committed to the music department. In addition, he is an example of patience, citizenship, and kindness to his peers.

Leah Fornaris was selected for being an outstanding example of academic excellence, artistic dedication, and citizenship. In addition to her exceptional academic performance, Leah has demonstrated loyalty, dedication, and commitment to the dance department, bringing a special quality to every performance and demonstrating her passion across all areas of dance. She is a quiet leader, a kind individual, and consistently demonstrates an ability to focus on finding the best solutions to any situation. Leah is dependable among her peers and an example of excellent manners and character.

We are very proud of Sabrina, Felipe, and Leah! Congratulations!