The Top Extracurriculars For Your Elementary Student

elementary school age student

Picking the right activities to sign your child up for can be difficult, especially during elementary school. When your children are young, you want to make sure that they’re spending time on activities that will be useful and beneficial to their overall growth and development, but with so many choices available it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re looking for activities to get your elementary school age student involved in, here are a few places you should start.

Sports: The Importance Of Play

Physical activity is incredibly important for early childhood development, and signing up your child for one of their favorite sports is an excellent way to ensure they stay physically active. By providing your child with an opportunity to exercise, sports will help keep your child entertained and healthy all at once. Not only are sports good for your child’s physical health, they’re good for mental well-being as well. If your child has difficulty sitting still in class, sports can improve their ability to focus during the school day.

Art: Creativity At Work:

Allowing your child to explore the arts gives them an opportunity to nurture their imagination early, promoting creativity and overall stronger emotional and psychological health. Even if your child isn’t the best at drawing or painting, there are plenty of ways for your child to explore art outside of school: acting, singing, playing an instrument, dance, and more. This can set up your child with strong emotional and interpersonal skills for later in life, especially if they start early.

Bringing Extracurriculars Into the Curriculum

Not all extracurricular activities need to be left entirely separate from school. Many private schools exist that incorporate these activities in part of their standard elementary school curriculum. Many of these schools also feature small class sizes; the average school size in 2011–12 was 146 students across all private schools. This can guarantee your student is getting the individualized attention they need, and make sure your child’s interests are recognized and encouraged.

If you want a private school for your child that incorporates some of their favorite extracurriculars, contact Conchita Espinosa Academy. CEA incorporates art into daily curriculum, allowing students to explore the arts while developing their education more thoroughly. Contact CEA today for more information.