Can Summer Camp Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential?

summer arts

Did you know that a quarter of the nation’s schools are private schools? One of the many advantages of private schools over public schools is that they go above and beyond to ensure your child is getting the most in-depth and fulfilling educational experience. And that means ensuring that they have access to summer arts programs and summer camps as well.

Below are the most compelling reasons to enroll your child or children in summer camp.

Help Your Child Discover Their Passion

Summer camp and summer arts classes may be the perfect opportunity for your child to discover his or her passion. Arts classes may include painting, drawing, photography, pottery, arts and crafts, creative writing, poetry, theater, and more. There may be specialized classes focusing on various physical activities and sports, STEM activities, and/or outdoor skills. Whatever the case may be, there are sure to be plenty of options — enough for your child to find something that piques his or her interest.

Once children identify their passion, summer camp provides in-depth classes allowing them to fully explore their new interest and to meet other children who share their enthusiasm for their chosen subject or activity.

Keep an eye out for distancing learning and online art classes that may be available for children in the local community for the duration of the pandemic.

A Focus On Personal Development And Growth

One of the many benefits of private schools is the focus on personal growth. While personal development is prioritized in addition to academics during the year, summer and summer camp give children time to truly focus on their interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills — skills like confidence, character-building, team-building, friendship, and more.

Your child may develop greater confidence as they discover their skill in summer arts, or they may interact and build lasting friendships with children they may not have met otherwise. Just how likely is your child to return home with newfound confidence? “Of families who send their kids to summer camp, 70% of parents report that their child gained self-confidence while at camp,” according to The Children’s Bureau writes.

A Place For Children To Learn From Positive Role Models

Summer camp provides the ideal environment for children to learn from positive role models. Those positive role models may include teachers, camp counselors, or senior/older campers.

In many cases, children at summer camp may feel like they are better able to relate to “cool” camp counselors or senior campers than their parents and adult authority figures. As such, these young adults and teenagers can step up and act as a positive role model for your child. These are often people who have attended camps or programs for several years and/or have all the necessary training to act as a camp counselor. With this experience and training under their belt, they are able to act as another positive influence for your child — and one that he or she is likely to be much more receptive to than mom or dad.

The Opportunity To Create Lifelong Memories

Finally, many children, teens, and young adults remember their experiences at summer camp for the rest of their lives. Whether they discover and nurture their passion in summer arts classes, build lasting friendships, or take part in memorable outdoor activities and adventures, the important takeaway is that there are several different opportunities for children to create lifelong memories.

Another significant thing to note is that these memories largely do not involve smartphones and social media. Taking time off from both affords children truly unique experiences. “There is nothing quite like preserving those simple, unplugged, childhood memories,” The Children’s Bureau writes.

Give your child the experience of a lifetime. Send them to camp. Rest assured that they will partake in summer arts classes, build confidence, make friends, learn from new role models, and return home with lasting memories.