Education And The Arts: How Art In Preschool Stimulates Academic Learning

s a parent invested in your child’s education, you probably see the advantages of private schools over public schools. From smaller class sizes (about 87 percent of American private schools have a student body of less than 300) to varied curricular themes to better resources, a private education usually wins in comparison. 

Now that you’re researching which Miami private preschool is best for your child, it’s time to choose a theme for your child’s education. While themes such as Montessori or Reggio are popular, the wisest choice may be to send your child to an art school. Read on to learn how an arts education during the preschool years sets children up for success.

Accelerated Brain Activity

Research shows that preK students who participate in artistic activities experience accelerated brain development. This is especially true for children who play and listen to music.

Musical activities have a calming yet stimulating effect on the brain. In small kids, this enables the brain to soak knowledge up like a sponge.

If your child takes up an instrument like piano or violin, he or she is more likely to excel in all areas of education including math and language development. In addition to playing music during quiet activities like reading and naptime, the best private preschools incorporate musical activities throughout the day. 

Improved Motor Skills

Art is a physical niche. Whether molding clay, painting, or coloring, kids who are immersed in the arts develop stronger fine motor skills.

When your child spends a lot of time drawing or painting, he or she will have less trouble developing their pincer grip. With an earlier development of a strong pincer grip, the child is ready to write as soon as kindergarten.

A Mind For Math And Memory

The top preschools in Miami develop an art-based curriculum to strengthen math and memory skills. When children learn to work with shapes through artistic means, studies show that their propensity for numbers increases.

Since art often incorporates sequences and patterns, kids who draw, play with playdough, or consistently work with colors strengthen their memory. If you choose a Miami private preschool that focuses on art throughout the day, it’s likely that your child will have an easier time of grasping academic concepts in the future. 

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

As much as art incorporates sequences, its core concept is creativity. Since children between the ages of two and four are in the prime of their sensory learning period, they thrive on creativity.

If your small child has the opportunity to learn in a creative, relaxed manner, he or she might enjoy school more during the elementary years and beyond. Children who claim to love school were fortunate enough to experience a more flexible, open-ended approach to early learning. 

A Diverse Outlook

Diversity translates into beauty where art is concerned. If your child learns to appreciate art, he or she may be more accepting of other cultures, races, and abilities. In an integrated society, an open mind is an asset both at school and in the workforce.

Give Your Child a Quality Private Education

Are you ready to choose an excellent Miami private preschool for your little one? If so, make sure that a key component of the curriculum is steeped in art.