What Is a Performing Arts Preschool and How Can it Benefit Your Child?

When you think of preschool, you likely picture children involved in a few different things: circle time, playtime, small group activities, snack time, and nap time. What if you could send your child to a preschool that offers even more?

What Is a Performing Arts Preschool?

A performing arts preschool is an excellent choice if you’d like your child to be exposed to more than what a typical preschool can offer. Performing arts preschools offer instruction in dance, music, art, and drama so that young learners can continue their studies throughout their elementary, middle, and high school years.

Here are a few ways your child can benefit from attending a performing arts preschool.

Social Interaction and Confidence

Children who are enrolled in a performing arts preschool are not sitting in a classroom all day. They are exploring a stage, learning how to dance and sing, and interacting with their peers. All of this is in order to gain a better understanding of the music and art they’re being exposed to at a young age.

Performing arts is about confidence, composure, and learning from your mistakes. With the help of their peers, your young learner will learn how to be a fantastic performer before entering Kindergarten. Because of this, your child will have advanced social interactions, which will aid them in making friends and being confident on stage and in their abilities.


Performing arts academies also place an emphasis on expression. Art and music are all about using given tools to express emotion, tone, and more. When kids are involved in drama, dance, music, and art at a young age, they’re more likely to express themselves without feeling judgment from peers. With this solid foundation, your preschooler will gain confidence and be able to express themselves throughout their time in school for years to come.

Life-Long Passion

Children exposed to music, dance, art, and drama when they’re young are more apt to develop a love for the performing arts. Your child may take what they learn in preschool and continue playing an instrument, singing, and performing throughout middle school, high school, and beyond. Developing a life-long passion for the arts is a beautiful thing to come out of attending a performing arts preschool.

Performing arts schools for kids are an excellent choice for young learners and parents who yearn for more. With about 33,619 private schools serving 5.4 million PK-12 students in the United States, you can find an excellent performing arts preschool in your area that will welcome your preschooler with open arms.