Parent’s Guide to Understanding Benefits of the Arts

As a parent, making certain decisions regarding your child’s well being can be daunting. Some of these decisions could have a major influence on their life, such as whether to send your child to public or private schools. 87% of private schools have fewer than 300 students, which means more attention can be given to each one. There are many benefits of private schools that public schools sometimes just don’t have the funding for, and one the biggest examples are arts programs. Public schools have been notorious for recent budget cuts in arts programs such as music and theater, but the arts are still a prevalent aspect of the private school curriculum, especially private middle schools. Some parents may not see this as an issue, but there are countless benefits to exposing your child to the arts at a young age. Here are some benefits of getting your child involved in the arts at an early age.

First, one of the most important skills your child will develop from early arts exposure is creativity. All types of arts encourage free thinking, openness and creativity. When your child is doing an art project or playing an instrument, they feel free to be themselves in a nonjudgmental environment. Your child may discover an inclination to a certain arts subject and never want to put it down.

Certain arts subjects require confidence to be carried out correctly. Theater is a huge example: memorizing lines, being in the spotlight, and having other people rely on you are sure to boost your child’s confidence. Even playing a solo in a band concert or showing a piece of artwork to the class is a major confidence booster, and when parents get involved and give positive feedback, your child feels on top of the world.

Perseverance is another trait developed through early arts exposure. You can’t master an instrument in one day. As your child continues to study the arts, they will grow as they continue to learn and absorb information. As they see themselves improving, they will know that perseverance is a crucial part of understanding life.

Finally, concentration is one of the biggest skills your child will develop through early arts exposure. But it’s a different kind of concentration — the kind that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk staring at a textbook. Instead, your child will concentrate on hitting the right notes, saying the right lines, or painting what’s in their heart. Passionate concentration is much more than memorization, and when your child finally learns the benefits, their passion for the arts is sure to be recognized.

These are just a few benefits that can come from exposing your child to the arts at a young age. School is tricky for some students — both public and private schools — and your child is entitled to some time during the day where they can just relax and be themselves.