Music in Central Park

Thursday, December 15th

Our Music Department’s holiday celebration featuring musical performances by the Junior and Senior Music Ensembles and select Conservatory music students.

Thank you to our incredible faculty, who dedicate their time and hearts to ensuring our students are growing as musicians and excellent human beings who appreciate and cultivate the importance of music in their lives.

Thank you to our Music Department Head, Yirka Ledon, and to the faculty who participated in the performance: Ibette Acosta (piano), Javier Concepción (piano), Ileana Cortizo (piano), Mirtha de la Torre (guitar), Laura de Mare (voice), Conrado Garcia (percussion), Alina Gonzalez (piano), Jose A. Guibert (violin), Eglise Gutierrez (voice), Yoanna Hernandez (piano), Fabiola Martinez (choir, flute), Norman Milanes (clarinet, Music Ensemble), Tania Nuñez (piano), Wendy Ocando (violin), Antonio Perigo (brass), Jose Pradas (cello), and Iliana Raymat (saxophone). Your work is Conchita’s legacy!

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