Michael Acosta

After graduating from Christopher Columbus High School, I attended the University of Miami, graduating with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Theater and a minor in the Classics (Ancient Mythology and Greek). I then continued onto the University of Hartford in Connecticut for graduate school. I passed my qualifying exam in the spring of 2016, and am now working on my doctorate. My goal is to have my doctoral degree in Psychology before the age of thirty. I believe at the core of each human being is goodness. Unfortunately, societal norms, the internal expression of one’s emotions, and the paradox that is human nature often only allows us to primarily see and feel darkness in ourselves, others, and the world. With this in mind, my goal as a therapist is to help people feel better about themselves and feel more confident. During my years at Christopher Columbus High School, I was involved in the Campus Ministry as a peer retreat leader. It was then when I started to think about being a therapist. In this role I discovered how powerful empathy, compassion, and acceptance could be in the spiritual and personal processes of grief and healing.

During my time at CEA, I participated in many activities such as art, Cuban dance, choir, jazz ensemble and I had a deep interest in books. I continued to explore my artistic side by majoring in Theater. I currently participate in the SEATEA improv group, a comedy improv group in Connecticut. Although I do not perform with this group, I participate in classes and attend comedy shows in the community. While I am helping others with therapy, improv has become my therapy. When I am not writing papers or studying, I am in my improv comedy group or signing up for kickball games. I learned early on the importance of having a balanced life.

Class of 2004


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