Ignacio De Socarraz-Novoa

After my years at Conchita Espinosa Academy, I went on to Christopher Columbus High School, and then Drexel University, where I am now in my senior year majoring in Industrial Design. As a product designer, you have to be a jack of all trades. You have to be creative, analytical, detail oriented. As I design, I make models, sketch, and conceptualize. Doing those three processes simultaneously gives you a rich and thought out design. Furthermore, as you dive into projects, you need to learn. Sometimes you learn about electronics, sometimes you learn about how the human body works. And many times, you bring other experiences and skills. Conchita is the place that I was first exposed to this wholistic approach. Through the classes and extracurricular activities offered, I learned more than just math and science and literature. I learned to dance, to play instruments, and to draw just to name a few. But the most important thing I learned in Conchita was how to learn and how to try things I would not have tried before, and that’s has been one of the most important parts of being a student, designer, and well-rounded person. In addition to my design work, I play the guitar and lead vocals in a band called Almost Isles. To see some of Ignacio’s pieces, you can visit www.ignaciodsn.com

Class of 2010


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