With summer fast-approaching, many working parents are left with questions about childcare. The good news is that parents can enroll their children in summer camps at local private schools, keeping kids occupied and setting them up for a bright future. Summer camps afford children options they do not have during the rest of the school year, particularly when it…

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4 Advantages Of Private Elementary Schools

Elementary school is said to be the most critical stage in a child’s education. Elementary school age starts from kindergarten through to fifth grade, where kids are usually between the ages of five and 10. Your little one learns and builds their numbers and letters foundation, which is fundamental in math problem-solving skills, reading, writing, and spelling. All basics…

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5 Ways to Prevent School Break Learning Loss

Whether your child is spending three months running through summer sprinklers or one week warming up from the snow, private school breaks pose a risk for learning loss. Teachers work hard to keep your child performing at their best, but it is your job to keep them on track during breaks. By following these simple tips, you can ensure…

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Beyond the Classroom: What The Stage Can Teach Young Students

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Raising well-rounded, ethical and engaged children requires more than learning from a textbook. Though listening to lectures and reading books can expand children’s minds and worldviews, parents and educators can do more to prepare children for a lifetime of learning and citizenship. Specifically, the performing arts offer a wide array of opportunities for children to enhance their talents and…

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How to Encourage Your Child to Enjoy Learning

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Education is extremely important for the youth of this nation and the world. While most parents and guardians see the value in a regular school year, only some recognize the additional benefits that their children might gain from art summer camps. Even though some children might disagree with a summer program, a summer in the arts can be extremely…

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