Second Grade Nativity Play

The Second Grade Nativity Play has been one of the most beloved CEA traditions for the last 33 years. Thanks to our second grade team, each year our community experiences the joy of watching our second graders shine and share their magic, their music, and their love on stage. Each year we say the same thing, which is that this year was the most beautiful yet!

Thank you to Mrs. Llerena, Mrs. Estevez, and Mrs. Cruz, our amazing second grade team, who each year put this play together and help create the most precious memories for our students. Thank you to Mrs. Martinez, our religion teacher, who leads our student body spiritually, and who also helped prepare the music for the performance. Thank you to Ms. Danella, Ms. Kenia, Ms. Yirka, and all of the administration, faculty, and staff who helped and supported in a number of ways. As we keep these traditions, these lessons, and these experiences alive and each year growing and improving, the students on stage today, our dedicated, supportive, and enthusiastic families, and our leaders, faculty, and staff – TOGETHER we are Conchita’s legacy!

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