Raquel Zaldivar, CEA c/o 2006 and Chicago Tribune Visual Journalism, Guest Speaker for Conchita Cinema

Conchita Cinema (CC) had a special virtual guest all the way from Chicago. Raquel Zaldivar, CEA class of 2006, gave students a presentation on her career as a visual journalist and documentary filmmaker and taught a workshop on the process of storyboarding, as CC students embark on their journeys as student filmmakers.

Raquel’s first steps into the world of photography and journalism were at CEA in Conchita Magazine. She spoke to students about her experience, wanting to write and fate putting a camera in her hands instead.

Today, Raquel is a visual journalist at the Chicago Tribune and a visual journalism adjunct professor at Northwestern University and Columbia College in Chicago. Throughout her career, she has worked at NPR, Politico, and has published in The Atlantic and The Washington Post and has created multiple documentaries. Students thoroughly enjoyed watching clips from her documentaries, discussing photo angles, and pre-production, production, and post-production processes.

Thank you very much, Raquel, for so generously and lovingly giving of your time to your school!