National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society students, under the leadership of Ms. Julio, have exemplified the essence of Conchita over the past two weeks. These dedicated students returned to school two weeks early and worked tirelessly to ensure their school was shiny, organized, and beautiful for students on their first day. From building and moving furniture, designing and creating bulletin boards, supporting teachers and administrators, helping carry school supplies, working in the “Meet Your Teacher” event, taking care of our youngest in our Back to School Kinder and Pre-Primary Parties, answering questions for parents, and doing anything else needed, the NJHS students have given of their time and talent cheerfully and diligently.

In addition to their service activities, NJHS participated in leadership workshops with Ms. Julio, Samuel Reus (CEA class of 2020, Christopher Columbus High School class of 2024), Philippe Riobe (CEA class of 2020 and Belen Jesuit class of 2024), and Nicolas Canino (CEA class of 2017, Belen Jesuit class of 2021).

These students live what it means to be a Conchita kid. We are very proud of all of you!