Ms. Jolliff Day Celebration

This week, the CEA Community came together to celebrate Ms. Jolliff. Ms. Jolliff has dedicated her life to education. She has been an integral member of Conchita Espinosa Academy since 1984. For the past 37 years, she has held multiple roles at Conchita Espinosa Academy, ranging from teacher (3rd, 5th, 7th, and 8th grade), to Assistant Principal, and Principal. She holds two M.S. Education degrees, in teaching reading and educational leadership. However, beyond her roles as an educator, leader, mentor, and role model for teachers and students alike, Ms. Jolliff’s voice, vision, and unwavering dedication to the school have made her essence part of the “soul” of CEA. She has helped shape and carry the school’s culture, leaving her mark through her love of reading, literature, and poetry, commitment to character formation, cultivating a culture of kindness, and joyful disposition. Ms. Jolliff embodies the true meaning of an educator. She consistently prioritizes the well-being of her community and is ready to lend an attentive ear whenever it is needed. She is a boundless source of resources, knowledge, and wisdom and is generous in her willingness to help and share with those who surround her. A lover of the arts, she has worked diligently towards the inclusion of the arts in CEA’s curriculum. Ms. Jolliff has touched and shaped the hearts and minds of countless children and teachers, and we honor her in her retirement from CEA and thank her for her many years of dedication to her school and her students.

Teachers and students across all grade levels honored her, thanked her, and presented her with beautiful and thoughtful mementos on behalf of each grade. Miami-Dade County presented Ms. Jolliff with a Proclamation in her honor and thanking her for her 37 years of dedication to education at our school. In the afternoon, she was able to enjoy one final performance in the theatre accompanied by her 8th graders, which was heartfelt and emotional. Thank you to our amazing faculty for coming together to make this day so special for her, to Mrs. Vazquez, Mrs. Daniels, and Mrs. Yero for creating the beautiful backdrop from pages of the Magic Treehouse books, and to all the students who participated both on stage and in preparing and setting up for her special day.

Paloma Diaz, violin
Felipe Diez, clarinet
Anabella Ludovic, voice
Haley Majors, voice

Dancers: Junior Lyrical, Senior Lyrical I, Segovia Spanish Dance, Contemporary

Thank you to the Conservatory faculty whose collaboration made this beautiful performance happen: Danella Bedford, Ileana Cortizo, Jose A. Guibert, Yirka Ledon, Marisol Moreno, and Norman Milanes. You are Conchita’s legacy!

Thank you to Sebastian Lopez and Cristina Escardo for their heartfelt words shared in the assembly.

Special thank you to the following 7th grade students for helping prepare for the day: Nicolas de la Cruz, Anthony Guzman, Marcel Illas, Carlos Moringlane, and Javier Salvat.