La Plume Writing Competition Winners

Congratulations to the CEA students who participated in the La Plume Writing Contest!

The contest is open to all Miami-Dade Elementary, Middle and High School students in grades 3 – 12. CEA students do a fantastic job every year, and this year one was no exception! The below students received special awards for their writing submissions.

Honorary Award

Sebastian Fajardo (8th grade)

for “Immigrants,” under the guidance of Mrs. Munar.

Achievement Award

Gianna Piloto (8th grade)

for “The Night of the Firework Show,” under the guidance of Mrs. Munar.

Encouragement Award

Alyssa Cardoso (7th grade)

for “Monster Hunting 101 – A Preview,” under the guidance of Mrs. White.

Many congratulations to the winners and their teachers!