ISSF STAR Students

Each year the Independent Schools of South Florida (ISSF) allows each school to designate up to three students as STARS. These students are those who have shown outstanding ability and achievement in academics, sports, community service, the arts, and/or effort. This year’s STAR students are: 

Chloe Cartaya was selected for being an outstanding example of hard work, character, and determination. Chloe does her best in every task she is given. She has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the arts through visual arts and dance and excellence in academics. Chloe is a hard worker who demonstrates quiet leadership by being an example of loyalty, commitment, discipline, resilience, and kindness. 

Ana Fajardo was selected for being an outstanding example of scholarship, dedication to the arts, and individuality. Throughout her years at CEA, Ana has demonstrated loyalty, dedication to the arts through music and theatre, and excellence in scholarship. Ana beats to her own drum. She is an individual in every sense. Steadfast, witty, and willing to take risks, Ana stands out among her peers for her ability to shine in her own way, whether as a writer, in class, or on stage. 

Joshua Rocha was selected for being an outstanding example of integrity, positivity, and kindness. In addition to his academic scholarship and commitment to the arts through theatre, Joshua is a peacemaker among his peers. He is a kind individual who demonstrates respect, tolerance, and generosity to those around him. Joshua is good team player, loyal to his school and peers, and consistently has a positive attitude in everything he does.

Congratulations to Chloe, Ana, and Joshua!
You are excellent examples to the entire student body. We are very proud!