How to Help Your Child Deal with School Anxiety

School Anxiety

Anxiety is something that millions of people all over the world struggle with on a daily basis. We’re constantly hearing about the millions of teens and adults who are struggling to cope. But, what about the kids?

Kids also struggle with anxiety, and sometimes it can be related to going to school. If your child is dealing with this struggle, there are a number of ways to help them cope. Let’s take a look at a few.

Talk With Your Child

The first step to helping them is obviously talking with them. Although, just simply telling them “It’s going to be okay” or “It’s fine” often isn’t enough. Get to know their problem and try to put yourself in their shoes. The more you try to understand what they’re going through, the easier it’s going to be for them to open up. They’ll see that you actually care about their worries and their concerns and that you want to help.

Send Your Child to a Private School

By getting your child involved in private education, you’re taking a step forward. There are so many different activities for them to get involved in and the class sizes are extremely small. In fact, the average private school size in 2011–12 was 146 students. The smaller classes won’t overwhelm your child, which is key to helping reduce their anxiety. This is one of the benefits of private schools. They’ll also get to know their classmates and teachers better. So, if they want to talk to someone else that isn’t you about what they’re feeling, they’ll have the perfect opportunity to do so.

Take Them to School Before Classes Begin

Bringing your child to the school prior to the start of the year can be a big help. It’ll give them a chance to see where they’re going to be getting their education, and they’ll be able to walk the hallways. Yes, it’s going to be a lot different once the halls are filled with other students, but when your child enters the doors on the first day, they’ll be in a familiar place.

Alert the Guidance Counselor

If you get the guidance counselor on board with what is going on, they will be able to help when you’re not around. Your child will be at school for anywhere from six to 10 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and that’s a lot of time away from their parents. The guidance counselor will be able to look after your child and be there if they need to talk.

Going to school can trigger anxiety for many kids. However, if you take steps to enroll them in private education or bring them to the school before the first day, you’re taking the steps on the path to an anxiety-free school year.