How Private Elementary Schools Set The Stage For Your Child’s Greater Learning

Private Elementary Schools

When American parents think of enrolling their child in private school education, many think of private high schools. However, private elementary schools and private middle schools are just as common and may even offer a greater opportunity for your child.

If you have yet to enroll your child in kindergarten or elementary school, here are a few reasons why a private school curriculum may be one of the best choices you can make.

The Advantages Of Private School: A Strong Foundation

Kindergarten and elementary school are the foundations of your child’s education. This is the time in your child’s life when they absorb information at a higher rate. You want to be sure your child has the best access to information relating to music, art, science, and math.

One of the advantages of private school education is that up to 80% of its teachers have an advanced degree. This not only means private teachers are more than qualified to work in their fields. It also means they have greater knowledge about what they teach and may have multiple teaching methods to guarantee your child’s learning.

Improved Guidance

Another advantage of private education at a young age is that your child will get the guidance they need. Public school teachers often teach large classes and may not be able to take time out of the day to tend to your child’s specific needs. However, this isn’t the case in private schools.

Smaller class sizes enable teachers to take their time and ensure their students understand what they learn. What’s more, teachers may be able to provide greater challenges for students with advanced academic abilities.

This close-knit structure may be more beneficial for students who require different academic needs. For instance, if your child has ADHD, a more in-depth education in a private school may assist their cognitive functioning without causing them to fall behind.

However, private schools don’t have the same requirements for special needs education as public schools. Therefore, it’s important to first talk to your child’s potential school to ensure they have the ability to meet your child’s needs.

Young children can benefit profoundly from a private school education as it sets the foundation for their greater learning. For more information on the advantages of private school and how your child could benefit, contact Conchita Espinosa Academy today