How Mastery Programs benefit Elementary School Education

Elementary School Education

Education is a powerful thing. How a school approaches a student’s learning stays with that child for the rest of their life. During elementary school, children begin to further develop their interests in several subjects. Some courses that could peak a child’s interest could be English, math, or other subjects most schools tend to offer. However, there are subjects that children could be interested in that their elementary school may not offer. What if your child wanted to explore dance, robotics, or theatre? And what if the elementary school your child is in does not have what your child needs to enhance their interest? Then an elementary school with a master program is what you need for you and for your child to advance their educational career. 

​What is a Mastery Program?
A mastery program is a program that assigns specific learning periods devoted to letting students embrace an area of interest. The program begins at 3rd grade then continues onto 8th grade. During the years between 3rd grade and 5th grade, also known as Junior Mastery, students are encouraged in developing their individual interests, skills, and talents. Students are then taught how to apply those to their everyday learning in and outside of school. In grades 6th through 8th, otherwise called Senior Mastery, the program becomes more intensive. These years are when students make a three year commitment to a specific area. 

Life-Long Benefits 
​Children deserve the freedom to explore their interests. When an elementary school allows those interests to be explored and nourished then children become more engaged and engrossed in their education. Junior Master programs are your everyday course. It is a program that validates a child’s natural curiosity and creativity. The program’s goal is to assist students in developing discipline, their ability to think outside the box, collaborating skills, problem-solving skills, and their pride in personal accomplishments. By growing these skills at an early age, children will want to apply them to all their areas of learning going forth in their years of schooling. 

​Future of Elementary Schools

​Education is changing. More elementary schools are realizing that students studying the same material is not all school should be. The years of elementary school are also meant to encourage skills that will be useful for the rest of a child’s life. Having a mastery program in your child’s elementary school is critical in helping them develop those skills and supporting them to explore their areas of interest. With the school year ending and a new one beginning, be sure to take a look at elementary schools with a mastery program and discover the power it has on your child’s future education.