7th and 8th Grade and Holocaust Educational Trust Presentation

For close to 30 years, our 7th grade students have visited the Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial and heard first-hand testimony from a Holocaust survivor. Yesterday, we became the first school in the US to partner with the UK-based Holocaust Educational Trust  where our 7th and 8th grade students had the opportunity to experience first-hand testimony by a Holocaust survivor through a live Zoom presentation and participate in a Q&A session. Learning through real stories and understanding what other humans have lived is an impactful and important part of the educational experience at CEA. To listen to and learn from the extraordinary experiences of Peter and Marianne Summerfield, two Holocaust survivors who are now married and live in London, was a true privilege and once in a lifetime experience for all involved.

Thank you Peter and Marianne to your incredible generosity, for sharing your time, wisdom, and experience with our students, and for inspiring meaningful conversation about the importance and relevance of learning about this part of our history and how we can apply your lessons to work to prevent such atrocities from continuing to happen. Thank you to Sharon and Rebecca from HET for your help in organizing this event, and most of all, thank you to Mrs. Julio and Mr. Valhuerdi for your amazing work ensuring your students are always so well-prepared for the experience and equipped to ask so many profound and thoughtful questions.