Helping Your Kids Stay Focused During Lockdown

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Continuing your child’s education during lockdown can feel like an impossible hurdle at times. But even the best preschools in Miami can’t control the current situation. Instead, we can provide you with a few tips to help your child stay focused during lockdown. Let’s get started.

Understand Virtual Learning Expectations

In order to make sure your child is completing their work and attending lessons like they’re supposed to, it’s imperative to fully understand what’s expected of them during online art classes for kids or other forms of education. How much time do they need to spend online for learning? Which assignments are most important? Having a secure understanding of things like these and relaying that information to your child can help them stay focused on virtual lessons when they need to be.

Encourage Activity

Teachers at the best preschools in Miami understand that kids need to move their bodies a lot throughout the day. Parents, however, aren’t necessarily equipped with that same knowledge. So before you tell your child to sit still during their online lessons, understand that in most cases, movement can help your child focus. Setting up your online learning station in an area where your child can stand up and move around can help encourage focus and engagement when they’re learning.

Use a Checklist

Science has proven again and again that lists are excellent tools for focus and productivity. Creating a checklist of learning activities for your child to cross off as they’re completed can be an excellent way to use this tool. Keep the task lists basic and relevant to the lesson your child is working on. For example, if your child needs to watch a virtual lesson, read a prompt, and then complete a writing exercise on that prompt, your checklist might have items like “watch,” “read,” and “write” on it. Providing this list and positive feedback when the items are checked off can be a big focus booster. Those feelings of accomplishment can go a long way!

Remember to Take Breaks

The human mind wasn’t designed to learn non-stop all day long. Even the best preschools in Miami encourage breaks from learning at a few points during the day. If there’s an activity that’s causing you and your child a lot of stress or it’s taking far longer than anticipated, consider taking a short break and coming back to it later. Short breaks throughout the day can help renew energy and increase focus afterward. And remember: if you need a break, your child probably does, too!

When you think about the fact that there were roughly 449,819 children enrolled in Kindergarten in the 2011-12 school year, it becomes apparent just how important teachers are. You’re not expected to replace teachers, but if you’re wondering how to help your quarantined kid learn at home, using these tips to help your child focus can help.