Finding the Right Preschool for In-Person and Distance Learning

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There are multiple factors to take into consideration when it comes to selecting a preschool for your little one. You want to find the right preschool that offers the space for your child to grow intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. While all of these elements are important for determining the right preschool, safety is another component to keep on the top of your list. The coming school year is approaching quickly, and you want a guarantee that your child is safe and also receiving a quality education. One solution to looking into the combination of in-person and distance learning. 

What is in-person and distance learning? 
These two learning methods may seem different but have some similarities. In-person learning is a more normalized learning method involving face-to-face interaction between students and teachers in real-time. Distance learning eliminates the real-time and face-to-face interactions. Instead, distance learning lets students partake in classes that are broadcasted live or recorded and put online for students to access anytime without requiring physical attendance. No matter how different both may seem, they share the common goal of wanting to provide students with a great education.

How can they work together?
​When done well, these two learning methods together can be the next big thing. Adapting this hybrid may seem impossible for preschools but it is very much possible. The priority of this merger is cultivating a sense of normalcy for preschoolers. They are not used to not seeing their friends and teachers every day. Children develop most of their social skills in the early development stages of schooling. Removing this portion can take a toll on a child, but how can a preschool foster human connection along with staying in online? By incorporating face-to-face interactions through a digital platform, having daily check-ins for the students and the teachers, and making room for discussions on all subjects. 

What are the benefits? 
​No matter what your child says about school on any other occasion, they do miss it. They miss seeing their friends, they miss recess and storytime, and they do miss their teachers. The partnership between distance and in-person learning will let them continue to interact with their friends and teachers from the safety of their own homes. Since distance learning on its own does not mandate a set routine for schooling and in-person does, the two together grant the teachers and students to continue a regulated schedule just through a computer screen. The process helps preschoolers stick to their normal routine and gives them time to socialize. An added bonus to it all is it further develops their independence and personal responsibility to completing assignments and classwork on their own away from a classroom environment. 

Is this the new normal?
There is no definite answer as to what the new normal in regards to education during these trying times. What is known is that a school’s response to the current predicament speaks volumes to their programs. You are scrolling through countless websites, trying to find the best preschool that checks off all your boxes. Yet now you find yourself wondering what were these schools’ responses and how will their actions impact my child’s education. In-person and distance learning coming together could be a learning method that either will be a momentary measure or one that will last for a long time. At the current moment when searching for the best preschool, this hybrid is the solution that will keep your child safe and let them continue their education.