Does Private School Education Better Prepare You For College?

Private School Education

Private School Education

The decision to send your child to public or private school can be a complicated one; what will they gain from a private education over a public school, what school to choose, and more are all very important questions. However, there are several signs that choosing a private school over a public school may actually better prepare your child to succeed in college, even at an early age.

Smaller Class Sizes Mean Individual Attention

Because private schools tend to have smaller class sizes, teachers and educators are better able to give students the personalized attention they need to succeed. Additionally, these smaller class sizes allow instructors to identify issues early on and help students work through problems quickly, rather than leaving them unaddressed for long periods of time.

Higher Test Scores

Because of the higher degree of involvement instructors tend to have with their students in a private school setting over a public school, many private school students tend to have higher standardized test scores than their public school peers. While standardized testing is not always a strong indicator of the overall experience of an academic setting, standardized test scores are still incredibly important when applying to colleges and universities. This may contribute to the high percentage of private school students that go on to higher education.

Well Prepared For Higher Education

Even if students enter into a private school later, starting private education at a private high school rather than private grade schools, there are still noticeable benefits that private school has when it comes to college preparedness. Of the 305,842 private high school graduates in 2010–11, some 64% attended 4-year colleges by the fall of 2011. This number has only increased in recent years, suggesting that private schools may provide an edge when applying to higher education programs.

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