Cross Country State Championship

The Middle School Boys’ Team finished 6th overall among private schools, led by Matthias Mürrle in 24th place, and followed by Alejandro Rodriguez who finished 31st, Victor Casado 46th, Carlos Moringlane
62nd, and Luis Moringlane in 65th. The boys’ team ended with 11 students placing in our top 33 all time! Matthias Mürrle is 2nd, Alejandro Rodriguez 4th, Victor Casado 9th, Javier Salvat 12th, Carlos Moringlane 16th, Anthony Guzman 17th, Luis Moringlane 22nd, Andres Grande 26th, Santiago Atienza 30th, Eric Reus 31st, and Michael Martinez 33rd.

The Middle School Girls’ Team finished 7th among private schools. Sabrina Martinez led the way with an 11th place finish! Valentina Aurich followed in 68th, Luciana Guevara 71st, Isabella Quijano 81st, and Olivia Gonzalez 82nd Place.

The Elementary Boys’ team finished 7th overall and 3rd among private schools. Leading the way was Rafael Rodriguez who finished in 29th place overall. Iker Garcia was next in 47th, followed by Chase Chavez
in 74th, Christopher Cuesta in 80th and Sebastian DeOliveira in 81st. Rafael’s time ranks him 6th all time in our elementary history. Iker is 15th, Chase 19th, Christopher 24th and Sebastian 25th.

The Elementary Girls’ team also finish 7th overall and 1st among private schools! Graziella Gerstl lead the way with a 15th place finish, followed by Petra Rouzier in 46th, Karina LaFuente in 54th, Madeline Rodriguez in 72nd and Valentina Sarcos in 79. Graziella’s time is 2nd all time in our history. Petra is sixth, Corina is seventh, Madeline is 11th and Valentina is 12TH.

Finally, Jordan Castillo 6th overall in the state in the 2nd Grade and under 1000 m race.

We are so proud of our runners and their discipline, perseverance, and dedication to their team and their school. You are Conchita’s legacy!!

Thank you Coach Carlos, for your leadership, training, and support!