Creative Ways Technology Can Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

This school year ended differently than years prior. Students grew accustomed to online classes and seeing their teachers through a screen or talking to them over email. Summer has always been the best time of the year for any student. After the long school year they had, they deserve some time for themselves to relax. For parents, their opinions on summer differ to that of their children’s. Despite schools going digital, school still kept kids occupied during the day. This applies to any student whether they be in elementary or middle school. Summer has arrived, but what are methods for keeping kids busy? And how can parents maintain that technological flow their children acquired during the school year? 

​Going Out of This World 
​The use of technology in the classroom developed rapidly over this past school year. Teachers and students learned to adapt to an unfamiliar environment that may well become to new normal for education. While some challenges rose in this change, new applications came to power. NASA developed an application for students to learn about space travel and journey to Mars. This summer, kids can take a rocket ship to Mars from the comfort of their home. Being on the computer as often as kids were this past year can dull the senses to what else they can explore in the world of technology. NASA’s Journey To Mars is a great scientific and amusing activity to reanimate a child’s inner curiosity and explorer. 

Virtual Summer Camps 
​Going to summer camp is a long-standing tradition. Many kids count down the days to summer followed by the days leading up to camp. This summer took a bit of a turn in those plans. All years kids were looking forward to going to a new camp or a camp they have been attending for years, but suddenly cannot. Luckily, camp does not have to be completely taken out of the summer equation. Virtual summer camps are all the rage now. It combines the natural joys and wonder of camp to the digital age. Virtual summer camps which specialize in the arts are designed to improve a child’s knowledge and capabilities in their favorite creative mediums. Mediums including dance, music, and theatre. These camps assign a camp project to strengthen creative and push kids to think outside the box. 

Into the Wild
​Not everyone has the resources to go see wild animals in their habitats without leaving their home. Kids naturally love animals and for a good reason. Animals are fascinating. There is so much about different animals humans still have yet to learn. For those just beginning to explore those interests, go to a zoo. Zoos bring the wildlife right to people’s hometowns. However with several zoos still closed, this becomes an obstacle for kids just starting to study exotic creatures. No need to go to a zoo when the zoo can come to them. Zoos are opening their live cams for public viewing of their animals. There is no way to tell what one can uncover when watching these cams: a baby beluga joining the world, pandas amusingly trying to climb a tree, etc. The live footage is joined by fun facts about the animals, information about the species, and other intriguing knowledge. For a parent of an animal lover, these feeds provide endless material to occupy their child during the summer. 

​Summer is a bit different this year from the past. Yet, there are still ways for kids to busy themselves during the day without feeling bored. Children in elementary or middle school are already walking down the technological path from how their school year ended. So why not discover other ideas for them to use technology for summer activities? There is so much for them to uncover in this new digital age. Some activities may surprise them or awaken possible career path.