Conchita Legacy Concert

As part of our 90th Anniversary celebrations, the Conservatory Music Department was proud to present the Conchita Legacy Concert, featuring our Conservatory music faculty and select Conservatory music students.

Our community is blessed to count on incredibly talented and celebrated artists as part of our faculty. Not only will the Legacy Concert be an opportunity for our students to experience a beautiful music concert, but it acquires new meaning when students have the ability to see their teachers perform onstage.

“La música hace cerrar los ojos a los que ven, y abrirlos a los que no ven.”

– Conchita Espinosa.

It was a magical evening of music by our exceptional music faculty and students. Thank you to Yirka Ledon, Music Department Head, and to our incredible music faculty, who gave their hearts on stage, and who share their love and talent with our students each day! Congratulations to all of the students involved. You are Conchita’s legacy!