Beyond the Classroom: What The Stage Can Teach Young Students

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Raising well-rounded, ethical and engaged children requires more than learning from a textbook. Though listening to lectures and reading books can expand children’s minds and worldviews, parents and educators can do more to prepare children for a lifetime of learning and citizenship. Specifically, the performing arts offer a wide array of opportunities for children to enhance their talents and skills.

The benefits of performing arts participation go beyond acquiring knowledge. Here are just a few of the ways children benefit from being on the stage:

How can children benefit from the performing arts?

Expanded Worldview
Children who participate in any kind of performing art, be it dance, music, or theater, get the chance to learn about other cultures and beliefs through exposure to different styles. Children who are actors learn to embrace a character and practice empathy for another person’s situation during a performance. Dancers, singers, and musicians learn to play, sing, or dance with passion and emotion, which lead to greater social skills and a richer life. By embracing the arts, children see more of what the world has to offer.

Grace Under Pressure
As many adults know, getting on stage is no easy feat. Forgotten lines, dance missteps, or missed notes are all part of the learning process, and children develop resilience by learning to keep performing in spite of mistakes. Children who enroll in an art summer camp or arts-focused private school develop the quick-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for success on the stage and success throughout life.

Self Confidence
By enrolling in performing arts, children have the chance to find an environment in which they thrive. Working continuously towards artistic achievement teaches children that they can overcome any challenge through patience and practice. Furthermore, performing arts creates a sense of community that helps children feel accepted and ready to try new skills.

How can I find performing arts middle schools near me?

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