Upper School Sports

5th – 8th grade

In Upper School (5th – 8th grade), students further develop their athletics capabilities as they increase the rigor of their training in an age- and developmentally- appropriate way and continue to hone their skills and abilities in their sports of choice. Upper School offers both developmental and competitive team sports, which are spread out throughout the school year to ensure students have the opportunity to try a variety of sports. Increasing emphasis is placed on enhancing the concepts of teamwork, discipline and good sportsmanship.

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SportTryout DateSeasonEligibilityFee Practice Days
Senior Cross Country Fall6th - 8th grade
Developmental Flag Football Fall4th - 6th grade
JV Soccer Fall5th - 8th grade
Varsity Soccer Fall 5th - 8th grade
Girls Volleyball Fall5th - 8th grade
Boys’ JV Basketball Winter5th – 6th grade
Boys’ Varsity Basketball Winter7th – 8th grade
Girls’ Basketball Winter5th – 8th grade
Senior Track Spring6th - 8th grade
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Girls Volleyball Spring5th - 7th grade
Varsity Flag Football Spring6th - 8th grade
JV Flag Football Spring5th - 6th grade


Thank you for your interest in Conchita Espinosa Academy. Our faculty, staff and some upper school students will be available to answer questions and offer tours of our campus.