Art and Dance Mastery Major Artists Collaboration

Assembly is a monthly tradition where students gather in the theatre for a student presentation.

This October, the Senior Art and Dance Masteries collaborated on a project highlighting the lives and work of major artists. They began a month ago and worked non-stop during their daily mastery period on the conception, creation, and realization of this piece. Under the guidance of Mrs. Vazquez, students created dresses that brought to life the personality and works of the artist they chose. From researching the artists, learning about fashion illustration and croquis, to molding and manipulating paper to make it look like clothing, art mastery created beautiful and thoughtful living fashion sculptures, which were then modeled by the dancers. Then, under the guidance of Ms. Danella, dancers divided into small groups to also research the artists and create original choreography based on the life and personality of each. Every details, from the selection of the music, to each movement, to the last bead on each costume designed by the art mastery had an intention to highlight an element of the life of each artist.

At the assembly, the artists introduced the dancers depicting their work and explained a little about the life of their artist to the audience, which included the entire student body, from K3 to 8th grade.

Their work was exquisite, elegant, and thoroughly researched and thought out. The most beautiful part was the enthusiasm and wonder in each audience member’s eyes as they saw the world of Salvador Dali,
Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama, Claude Monet, Dale Chihuly, and Vincent Van Gogh come to life.

Thank you to Mrs. Vazquez and Ms. Danella for their creativity, vision, enthusiasm in continuing to always create, and for inspiring their students to be exceptional, detailed, cultured, and creative human beings!

Van Gogh Process

Kusama Process

Dali Process

Chihuly Process

Frida Kahlo Process

Monet Process