6th Grade Science Fair

Congratulations to all of the Sixth Grade Science Fair winners and participants! This year’s science fair, led by Mrs. Castillo, took place virtually. Instead of touring the CEA cafeteria lined with boards, each student had a custom page where they uploaded each step of their project, including their variables, procedures, photos, and more. 

This year’s science fair winners were:

1st Place- Madison Press Martinez

2nd Place- Luciano Rodriguez 

3rd Place- Elizabeth Rodriguez

Honorable Mentions: Myla Reyes, Giana Piloto, Kyara Gouveia, Sophia Rodriguez, Joshua Rocha, Maya Shmouni, Isabella Rodriguez, Gabriela Lopez 

See all student projects: https://sites.google.com/conchitaespinosa.com/ceasciencefair/home

Thank you, Mrs. Castillo, for doing an extraordinary job and students for the hard work and effort you put into your projects.  And congratulations to the students on their dedication to stretching their learning into real-world problem solving and discovery.