3 Reasons Private School Could Benefit Your Child with Special Needs

Having a child with special needs may be a challenge. However, it may be even more challenging to find the perfect school for them. Many children with special needs attend private schools for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at a few.

First, private schools have smaller class sizes.

That doesn’t matter if it’s a private elementary school or a private middle school; all class sizes are guaranteed to be smaller than those in public schools. The average private school size in 2011–12 was 146 students, so there aren’t many students to put in each class.

Having a smaller class size helps students make new friends more easily while getting more individualized attention from their teacher. Since the classes are so small, it gives the teacher a chance to actually focus on a student one-on-one. This would be very helpful for a child with special needs who may be struggling in school.

In private schools, students will find more of a personalized instruction curriculum. It is understood that each child doesn’t learn the same way or pick up specific things as well or as quickly as other students may. Having personalized instruction is particularly great for a child with special needs, as the curriculum can be adjusted to fit their own learning skills and style. Considering that 87% of private education schools have fewer than 300 students, teachers have a chance to try out different ways of learning.

Many private schools have specialists on-site who are there to specifically help children with special needs. They may be able to help them understand what was discussed in class, help them with their homework, or just be there as somebody to talk to. The student may be able to meet with the specialist regularly, either weekly or sometimes daily. This can be extremely beneficial for a child with special needs.

Private schools are an excellent choice for children with special needs. The private school curriculum can be geared specifically toward your child’s individual learning needs, which makes it easier to learn. Don’t wait to look into private schools for your child today.