3 Methods of Education in a Pandemic

Fall is right around the corner. Which means summer is over and school assignments are on their way. As time ticks by to the school year in Miami, parents become concerned about on how Miami middle schools or elementary schools will handle the current climate. Various strategies are being implemented to reassure the parents that their children will be safe and still receive the best education. The recommended blueprint for this fall is for a school to have not one but three plans in action. 

​Remote Only
The common or the most discussed option is learning only online. Students will not attend classes at their school, but in their own home. At the end of the last school year, remote only schooling did not pan well for many Miami middle schools or elementary schools. The obstacle was trying to keep kids of younger ages engaged in class. However, there were some schools that did not face their barriers. Instead, they found methods for these students to be attentive and present in on the topic as if they were really there in the classroom. These methods worked so well, those students did not realize they were still at home. Remote only is also a good choice for parents who worry about their child’s health. Knowing they can stay home and still learn will give them a piece of mind. 

​Classroom Only 
Remote only schooling may not always be a possibility for some families and children. There are students who struggled in classes without their usual structure and did not adapt well to not socializing as much as they were used to. Parents may not be able to watch their kids at home because of work and relied on school for that kind of service. Classroom only is the regular day-to-day learning, except there are smaller class sizes. Kids can be in their classes and talk to their friends in a sanitized and clean environment. 

The Middle Ground 
​When talks about schools going completely online or in-person, the middle seems to be left out. The blending group is of students to go to classes for a couple of days a week at school and the rest at home. Students are given the social aspect during the in-person days and still be safe at home. Parents have a preference when it comes to their child’s schooling. Their preferences can alter due to the situation. If a parent does not like the remote only classes, there are others to select from. Maybe the parent wants to gather their bearings before switching to classroom only and sets phases beginning at remote only to blending to classroom only. Miami middle schools or elementary schools who offer theses must promote it as flexible for the parents and the students.