3 Common Myths About Private Schools

Myths About Private Schools

When you think about private schools, a lot of preconceived notions likely come to mind. Private schools are common in the U.S., with some 33,619 institutions ranging from private elementary schools to high schools. And because they’re so common, there are a lot of myths that perpetuate the industry.

These myths might make you second guess private schooling as an option for your child’s education. However, you deserve to make an informed decision, and so we’ve compiled a list of the more common myths to help you decide if private schools are right for your child:

They’re Only For The Rich

This may have been true 50 or 70 years ago, but it’s not the care anymore. Most of the older private schools were not actually designed for the rich, at any rate, they were designed to help the working class. This fact continues even today. Most private schools offer millions of dollars in financial aid to qualified families, and many schools have 40-50% of their students receiving some form of financial aid. In schools that, mostly (87%) have fewer than 300 students? Your child could easily qualify for aid. Some of these schools even offer free tuition for families whose household income falls short of a certain income bracket, making them a great option for those families.

They Are Difficult To Get Into

While it is true that some of the private schools in the nation can be difficult to get into, it’s usually because they have a lot of applicants. But not all private schools are like this, though they all attract the best and the brightest in students. You can find a great many private schools that are built on the foundation of inclusivity and look for a variety of students from all walks of life.

Coursework Is Difficult And Piled On Students

While it is true that coursework is often more difficult than a public school, it isn’t extremely so in most cases. It really depends on the school that you send your child to. And while classes might be difficult, you can expect the teachers and facilities to be built to match it. Your child will be taught to adapt and be prepared for higher education.

These are just some of the myths concerning private schools that exist out there, though often the most commonly stated ones. If you’re worried about not being able to send your child to a private school for any of these reasons, then don’t be. There are always options to find the best fit for your child.