3 Benefits of a Private Preschool Education

Private Preschool Education

Private schools make up 25% of America’s schools and they currently register 10% of Pre-Kindergarten (PK)-12 students.

When considering the best form of education for your child, there are many factors to think about. Weighing the advantages of private schools and public schools enables parents to make an informed decision, and Our Kids lists three benefits of a private school education, such as a private Kendall preschool.

1. The Quality of The Teachers.

In general, between 60 and 80% of all private school teachers have advanced degrees. Our Kids corroborates this, and believes that in addition to being knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach, private school teachers are very enthusiastic about the subject matter as well. Also, 91% of the parents surveyed stated that the primary reason they chose a private school for their child was dedicated teachers.

The private school community is also very close-knit, and this fosters close student-teacher relationships, with the teachers acting as role models for their students.

2. The Safety of the Environment.

Private schools are known for maintaining high standards when it comes to respect and discipline. The discipline that students learn in this environment also increases their post-secondary educational success rate, when they are accountable for being self-motivated and responsible.

Because 87% of all private schools have less than 300 students enrolled, the low ratio of staff-to-student enables staff to observe and control the school grounds more effectively. The aforementioned sense of community also discourages risky and harmful behavior, with 72% of parents surveyed agreeing their child’s private school was a safe place.

3. The Extracurricular Activities.

Although the majority of private schools consider academics to be their priority, they also place emphasis on a well-rounded education by encouraging students to take part in music, sports, arts, and other extracurricular activities.

These types of extracurricular activities also provide an all-important respite from the stress of academics and enable students to participate in enriching social functions.

The high caliber of teachers, the safe environment, and the rewarding extracurricular activities offered by private school establishments like Kendall preschools are all benefits worth considering when deciding on the best school for your child. By weighing all these factors carefully for both public and private schools, you’ll have all of the valuable information necessary for making the best choice.